The act of observation changes the narrative
А ещё я сейчас быстренько дозавершила начатый вчера стих, и - о чудо! - он мне даже нравится. :D

Вообще это по "Сервампу" (ктобысомневался), по мотивам спора Лоулесса и Лихта - до того момента, как мы вместе с героями перемещаемся во внутренний мир Лоулесса. Но можно читать и как ориджинал, вайнот. :3

Писать было просто безумно фаново, особенно лихтовскую часть. :gigi: В итоге она получилась в два раза длиннее. Я, кстати, всё хотела вставить туда слово "fucking", но в итоге так и не нашла, куда. x)

Waning is luster of glory,
Fleeting is everyting gold.
Is a forgotten story
Any better than story untold?

Shining may be any person,
Whose ideals are hard to uphold;
But the state is condemned to worsen:
Every castle is destined to mold.

You vainly believe in the meaning
You impart through your fiery word,
But the future is always demeaning,
And your certainty sounds absurd.

What are you to this world, but dim shadow?
"To be" is no different from "not".
Those who are strong and those who are mellow,
In the end, get the same sorry lot.


Drop your pretenses and listen
to yourself, you are not making sense.
You seem to be able to glisten
on the surface, but, damn, you are dense.

The beliefs you recite sound empty,
without the substance behind.
Your talks of decay are preemptive,
resulted from your idling mind.

Life in itself is a process.
Everything changes, it's true,
but people are able to make progress,
overcoming the trouble they went through.

Not ever it's gonna be easy,
because you are rowing upstream,
well, so you'd better get busy,
we've got limited time, so dream.

Why are you making excuses?
"I am who I am", how sweet,
the words of a person who dumbly refuses
to consider himself incomplete.

We are not the "results", but the "actions",
with hard work we advance on our path.
To hell with these silly distractions,
we make change, don't you see? Do your math!

Trudging this path is our story,
experience makes us unique,
its byproduct could even be glory,
but glory is not what we seek.

Don't be satisfied, it's stagnation,
every action is rooted in mind.
Versus decay, there's creation,
with your dreams as a basis behind.

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