The act of observation changes the narrative
"Why did Thanos execute the iconic finger-snap only after getting the Mind Stone, when he already got the rest of the stones already? Because the Mind Stone (as stated in Age of Ultron) is basically the supercomputer of the Stones. Its unlimited computing power is what made it possible to truly use the power of Infinity Stones on a universal level. Until that point, Thanos controlled the Stones with his mind, and did only things he could fathom with his mortal mind. But with what was basically an omnipotent AI to control the Stones for him? That is why it has the prominent place in the middle of the gauntlet."

(c) кто-то в секции Fridge Brilliance на странице Avengers: Infinity War на тивитропах.

а) эта личность разговаривает на одном со мной языке!..

б) wait. waitwaitWAIT. Выходит, вот эти мои попытки хэдканонировать рациональные обоснуи для магии Стрэнджа/магии Локи/магии артефактов, которые я проделывала в дневнике эта черничка сломалась под её постом про магию в Марвел, имеют под собой некоторые канонические основания? :0

Бонусом, оттуда же: "We didn't see Dr. Strange take off the Cloak of Levitation when he got disintegrated. Which means the Cloak - which has has a mind of its own and its own quirky, sassy personality - is also dead."

Йеп. Как будто до этого с Плащом Левитации было связано мало боли.

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